Micky Magoo
Nothing but great things to say about this place! The atmosphere was really great and the workers were very helpful. I highly recommend it to any card collector.
Colton Lesh
Located off of Rt 30, this is my favorite card shop to go to. Always pulling great cards myself or watching other guys pull some fire 1/1 's 🔥. Most recent pull included a 2001 Tiger Woods RC. They have a variety of football, baseball, basketball, soccer,ufc,Pokémon, mystery bags, raw cards, graded cards, cards on consignment, and many more. They assist in submissions in grading toSGC and PSA. Check them out in person or at the Card Show they are hosting on Oct. 9th 2021 at the Live Casino near the Pro fields/stadiums!!
Charles and his team are very knowledgeable and will help you across all aspects of the hobby, whether it be opening packs, buying singles, grading, or anything for kids. My boys & I enjoyed visiting the shop & they keep asking when we can go back! I would highly recommend Wheelhouse Cards to anyone considering getting into the hobby of Sports Cards, or anyone considering getting back into the hobby of Sports Cards.
Stevan Austino
I was driving to work and randomly passed this place and almost caused an accident to pull in… this store will be the death of me and the end of anything good in my life lol prices are extremely fair and selection is huge. You should absolutely stop here and rip a pack or 50.
Regina Pizzillo
This card shop was very awesome! I loved the lay out & variety of unique memorabilia & card packs! I took my nephew to look around and grab some mystery packs. He got a few great hits from them and was a very happy kid when we left! We will absolutely be back for more! Thank you for a great experience!
Eileen Reilly
A great selection of raw and graded singles. A lot of wax boxes and helpful staff. It’s nice to have a lcs who is up front with prices, it doesn’t feel like you’re getting scammed. They also will help submit cards to get graded and even though they were busy while I was in there, they took the time to explain the process. Highly recommend these guys!!!
Rae Miller
Wow I was so impressed with how clean and organized this Shop was. Not only do they have an amazing collection but the employees have a vast knowledge of the history behind all of their cards. This was truly a great experience loved how friendly everyone was as well as their pricing!!! Oh and they also have those surprise bags!!! I’ll definitely be back!!!