Wheelhouse often partners with its community’s non-profit organizations and associations and helps provide fundraising options.

While there are many worthy causes within its communities, Wheelhouse aligns its charitable donation budget with organizations that benefit children’s health and wellness, educational development, or sports in their respective missions.

Additionally, Wheelhouse is committed to helping non-profit organizations and associations maximize fundraising results at their events. This can be done at no associated cost to the organization when utilizing Wheelhouse memorabilia for standard or silent auctions. 

frequently asked questions

Wheelhouse can supply a variety of sports and pop culture memorabilia to an eligible organization. Supporters of the non-profit can bid with confidence as all autographed items are certified authentic. If enough time is allotted, Wheelhouse can special order or even commission pieces of memorabilia for an event.

Each piece of memorabilia contributed carries a low cost which is equivalent to the starting bid of the auction item. Any amounts collected over and above the starting bid are kept by the organization. Wheelhouse’s cost is paid by the amount of the initial bid. This is sometimes referred to as a profit share donation.

In the event a memorabilia item does not sell, Wheelhouse simply takes the memorabilia back at no cost to the organization. Unsold items must be returned to Wheelhouse within 48 business hours after the completion of the event.
The more lead time given to Wheelhouse, the better. Deadlines and event dates approach quickly and sometimes a partnership forms at the last minute. Reach out even if you think too late in the process – Wheelhouse is here to help.

Get in Touch with Wheelhouse

Please note: an organization’s tax exemption certificate must first be uploaded in the contact form here for a charitable donation to be made or fundraising partnership to begin.

Should you have any additional questions related to Wheelhouse working with your organization or fundraising event, please complete the contact form below.  A representative can walk you through the process and describe the available memorabilia.