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Have you ever found an old box of baseball cards in your attic?  Is mom asking you to move your childhood sports card albums or sets out of her garage?  Maybe someone left you sports cards or memorabilia after they passed away.  Quite often Wheelhouse is asked about the kind of help that can be provided in these circumstances.  It may make sense to grade or authenticate some of the items, perhaps you are looking to have the items appraised.  But most of the time, Customers are looking to sell or trade the items.  The below questions and answers can help shed light on what Wheelhouse typically buys.

frequently asked questions

Yes, Wheelhouse primarily buys sports and trading cards to resell to Customers of its stores.
Yes, Wheelhouse also offers trades for sports cards. Trades must be completed on the day of the transaction.

Since the demand is the highest, sports cards released over the past three years are the most often purchased.  However, Wheelhouse regularly buys vintage sports cards of all kinds, basketball and football cards from the 1980s to 2000s, and early edition Pokemon, among others.  Wheelhouse buys graded as well as ungraded cards, high priced to low priced.  For newer card lot purchases: parallel cards, serial numbered, patch/relic cards, and autograph cards are the most sought.  

Wheelhouse will not buy any card that is not considered family friendly in its imagery or language.  Wheelhouse generally does not buy baseball singles or sets released from 1985 to 2000, which is generally considered the “junk wax era,” where cards are not scarce in availability. 

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Newer retail and hobby boxes are generally purchased through existing and trusted supply lines, but unopened boxes from previous years are often considered for purchase. Cases and boxes must maintain their factory seal, shrink wrap and any other unique identifiers. Cases or boxes that are dented or have visible moisture or fading damage are not eligible for purchase.

Yes, on a case-by-case basis.  Like sports cards, Wheelhouse typically acquires memorabilia for its in-store Customers from trusted sources. Unlike sports cards, Wheelhouse tends to buy a smaller volume of memorabilia.  Any memorabilia being considered for purchase must be authentic, and any autographed items must be verified by one of the following trusted third-party firms: FanaticsPSAJSABeckettPanini & Upper Deck.  Wheelhouse also offers autograph authentication and framing services for memorabilia you may own.

Selling to Wheelhouse is generally done in-person.  It is recommended that Customers send Wheelhouse inventory listings or images of what they would like to sell.  This can be done by filling out a seller contact form below.  

Sending information to Wheelhouse ahead of time can save Customers trips to the stores that otherwise do not result in successful card or memorabilia sales and give additional information on what would be needed to make a deal.  If Wheelhouse is not a market buyer for what you are selling, the company will inform you promptly.  It is also most efficient when Customers have a price in mind when attempting to sell items.

Yes, Wheelhouse maintains relationships with leading auction houses to assist Customers in the selling of high-end sports cards and memorabilia. You will deal with Wheelhouse as your single point of contact and Wheelhouse will handle all interaction with the auction houses.

No, Wheelhouse no longer offers direct consignment services.

Yes, Wheelhouse appraisals are performed at a rate of $75.00/hour. Appraisals are usually not typically completed same day; turnaround time estimates are provided at time of service. Wheelhouse will provide an inventory listing of any items dropped off for review as well as corresponding fair market values as of the report date.

No. Wheelhouse does not provide loans or advances against sports cards or memorabilia.

No appointment is necessary to bring your cards or memorabilia to Wheelhouse. The store is open 7 days a week starting at 11 am, but it is recommended to stop in during weekdays before 3pm. It tends to be less crowded in the stores at those times.

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